Reporting Groups


The committee provides leadership to Ontario College Libraries’ efforts in developing and updating policies, services, collections, and programming to advance decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigenous worldviews and knowledge. Further, the committee supports professional development and accountability in implementing this imperative to ensure that collectively CLO meets our obligations under the TRC C2A, CFLA’s Truth and Reconciliation Report and Recommendations and UNDRIP.

This Steering Committee guides the implementation and use of a “next generation” library services platform across 20 Ontario college libraries.

The Learning Centres Committee mandate is to undertake formal advocacy, develop and execute collaborative cross-College projects, and share knowledge and resources amongst the group to enhance evidence-based decision making in the development and improvement of academic support services.

This Steering Committee guides the development of the Learning Portal, which provides shared access to resources from all Ontario Colleges.

formerly Metrics & Assessment

This Steering Committee oversees the annual collection, analysis, and presentation of CLO survey data. They guide initiatives to refine library data gathering and evaluation to better align CLO data with changing assessment measures in institutions and across the province.

The eResources Steering Committee works in partnership with OCLS to leverage procurement opportunities and make recommendations on the provision of services and the implementation of resources.

This Steering Committee is composed of two groups:

CLO Metadata Steering Committee: A small group of subject matter experts in cataloguing who make decisions regarding CLO Metadata Standards and shared workflows, design standards, create reference materials, and prepare and deliver learning opportunities for the CLO Cataloguers.

CLO Cataloguers: A large group made up of at least one representative from each college committed to learning shared cataloguing practices and implementing recommendations of the CLO Metadata Steering Committee.

This Steering Committee provides strategic direction for LEAP, develops best practices, and sets service priorities, while providing support for the service, including developing assessment priorities annually. 

It also supports the work of LEAP Leads, serve as experts and project champions locally and within the college system, supporting a community of practice.

Working Groups

Reports to Indigenous Matters Steering Committee

Reports to Learning Portal Steering Committee

Reports to Learning Centres Steering Committee

Reports to eResources Steering Committee

Reports to Page 1+ Consortium Steering Committee

Communities of Practice